• Splash n’ Dash Orcutt Road

    5006 Orcutt Road Orcutt, CA 93455 Phone: 805-937-3243

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  • Splash n’ Dash Bradley Road

    2175 S. Bradley Road Santa Maria, CA 93455 Phone: 805-352-1103

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  • Splash n’ Dash Donovan Road

    202 E. Donovan Road Santa Maria, CA 93455 Phone: 805-631-5859

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  • Daily Hours:

    8am - 7pm

    Winter Hours:

    8am - 6pm


Splash n’ Dash Car Wash is the fastest and most convenient way to wash your vehicle and get it really clean. We first opened our doors in December of 2003 at the Santa Maria Crossroads location and have grown steadily ever since. Our success is related to the way our employees and management treat customers and the quality of the service we provide. We continuously strive to exceed customers' expectations from the moment they drive onto our lot. You can expect a pleasant greeting, a clean facility and an exceptional wash that covers all the important details that you don't have time to do yourself and won't find anywhere else.

Our equipment and Fast Pass programs set us apart from our competition. We use state-of-the-art equipment in our wash tunnel, environment-friendly chemicals to clean your vehicle and a water reclamation system that doesn't pollute the environment. We focus on giving every customer a sparkling clean car that they will be proud of. Our Unlimited Fast Pass Plan gives customers great value and the quickest vehicle wash possible

Splash n' Dash Car Wash has the perfect way to help your organization raise money. Car washes have historically been a great way to earn extra money for you organization. We take pride in our Car Wash Fundraising Program. Over the years, we have helped dozens of groups raise money. We do all the washing, we do all the cleanup, we do all the work, and your organization reaps great benefits.

We know how much people value a clean vehicle and how happy it make them feel so Splash n' Dash Car Wash wants to give you a free Car Wash every year on your birthday.

Splash n’ Dash is committed to making your car washing experience positive and efficient - every time.